About Me

I’m the third son to a Southern Baptist preacher and a nurse who works the night shift. I was born and raised in Greenwood, Mississippi, where there wasn’t much to do except go to school, put food on the table and read my Bible every day. Life was simple, and I grew up right by playing sports, fishing and going to church every Sunday. I chased a dream all the way to Perkinston, Mississippi, where I played two seasons of JUCO football. That is when I leaned hard on the values and morals that were ingrained in me from day one. I was taught to love others often, be kind daily and to work hard for what I wanted. I discovered that I had a passion for people and learning about their stories. Without the relationships I formed there, I would’ve never been able to continue chasing after that college football dream.

I showed up at Auburn University without seeing the place in daylight and only knowing two other teammates who transferred. I walked on to the football team and earned my stay as the starting punter who had to pay his way through school. It was then that I became comfortable, and I sought to work for the betterment of Auburn. I started my academic focus in business, but I decided to change to public relations because that is where my skills align with my passion. In the School of Communication and Journalism, I learned the necessary techniques required to succeed in the ever-changing realm of PR. In my time at Auburn, I gained experience in every capacity whether by writing stories, designing this website or interacting with the top-level administrators.

There is no way that I can take credit for the path that I have taken to get here. I owe it to the endless grace that God has shown me and to the people that supported me along the way. Ultimately, I am always ready to accept a new challenge and run the race that is set before me.