• Auburn Football: Punter 2015 - 2016
  • Campaign Teams: SGA Treasurer and Miss Auburn
  • Community Service: a-Team Ministries 2015, 2016

What Keeps Me Busy

My entire college experience revolved around the sport of football from the very day that I entered. Whether it was my schedule or my friend groups, I had to take every move into account. On the day that I entered school I was held to high standards and a tight leash. Time was not always on my side, but I made sure to find a way to give back in some capacity.

On the field I was blessed with the opportunity to start in 24 games in my final two years of NCAA eligibility. During those two years, I refined an intangible set of skills that have gotten me where I am today. Time management, determination and focus are crucial for balancing daily academic and athletic responsibilities.

Through my friendships outside of football, I was able to give effort and time towards the Student Government Association campaigns. In 2016, I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in the “Have Mercy with Meredith” Miss Auburn Campaign. During this experience I built campaign boards that were placed around campus to market our candidate. I contributed to the Frank McEwen for Treasurer campaign. In both instances I visited Greek organizations with the campaign teams to generate support for the candidates. It was during this time that I expanded my network on campus by promoting student involvement.

Another avenue that my athletic involvement created was serving through community service. I was given chances to visit pediatric cancer patients in hospitals to spend time with chemotherapy patients. An organization called a-Team Ministries organizes an event each year called Champions for Chemo, which celebrates pediatric cancer survivors.

I was afforded many great opportunities to give back during my time in college, and I hope to continue that trend in my career.