Previous Education

Auburn University

I began my college career at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College in the summer of 2013. It was the right decision for me because I knocked out my core curriculum at an affordable price. In December 2014, I earned my Associate of Arts degree and was ready to transfer to a four-year school. During a short recruiting process, I visited Auburn University and knew that it would be my next home. When I enrolled, I planned to pursue a degree in business administration, but I quickly learned that I had a gift for writing and communication.

That is when I decided to take my talents to the School of Communications and Journalism to major in Public Relations. While completing the required coursework for PR, I gained a wealth of experience in writing, public speaking and design. These are the basic skills required for entering into today’s professional career field. Along the way to graduation, an internship is required to provide real-world experience.

I completed multiple business related classes early in my time at Auburn so I decided to pursue a minor in business. Applying information that I learned then prepares me for operational duties in the work field. While balancing a student athlete's schedule, I formed strong relationships with professors and classmates to help me along the way. Whether I missed class for a game or sacrificed sleep to get work done, I had their support the entire way. Ultimately, Auburn’s School of Communication and Journalism prepared me for success.