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In Depth

Public speaking is one of my strongest skillsets. I take pride in my ability to present to large audiences or casually communicate in a one-on-one setting. I believe that this ability has been strengthened through communicating with so many different people. I carry a certain confidence in large settings because of the awareness and experience needed to connect to an audience.

Competency is the driving factor behind any skillful worker so I hold my head high when learning or teaching a new job. It can be frustrating when learning something new, but I listen intently and work persistently as I am being taught. This skill was refined through my time in athletics because of the high performance requirements and coaching moments that shaped me. I've learned to set high goals while being understanding and honest with myself in my progress.

I believe heavily in being early to everything, working diligently with a team and standing next to a promise. These characteristics promote trust, loyalty and commitment to any project or person. These are a few of my intangible skills that I use while striving to serve others.